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Break the Norms

Oct 10, 2019

May this meditation brings you eternal courage and strength within. Mantra used in meditation is - Shakti Namaha. Shakti means strength or the divine feminine in tantra. This mantra is incredibly powerful to bring the lost confidence and creative energy within. Relax, surrender, and dive into the cosmic strength!


Oct 3, 2019

Your most sacred responsibility is toward your own blooming. A meditation on cultivating the responsibility within brings in so much liberation, strength, and courage. In this episode, Chandresh shares a lot of helpful insight on understanding what it means to be fully responsible for our healing and spiritual growth....

Sep 26, 2019

A guided meditation to cultivate patience and trust the divine timing.
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About Chandresh:

Chandresh Bhardwaj is a seventh generation tantra teacher, spiritual...

Sep 19, 2019

Having patience is so under-rated. There’s a lot of noise out there pressurizing you to do things in a certain way by a certain dead line. But it’s just a hollow noise. Don’t let it interfere in your organic blooming. Good things take time. And only good things take time. When you cultivate patience, you send out...

Sep 12, 2019

Meditation is not entitlement to enlightenment although it is seen and understood as one in today's times. This is a thought provoking episode wherein Chandresh shares his insights on deepening the meditation practice through his tested and proven tips. Do share the episode on your insta story and tag