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Break the Norms

Feb 13, 2020

Intentions is a fuel for your consciousness. In tantra, intention is called Sankalpa. A well crafted intention has the power to change the entire course of your life. In this episode, Chandresh shares his insights on how to work with your intentions and manifest your highest self. He shares the difference...

Feb 6, 2020

Do you know lust cultivates toxic karmic contracts and attachments?

Have you ever felt shameful, guilt, and low in self esteem after indulging in sex?

Is there a tantric guidance to channel lust into love?

In this episode, Chandresh shares his insights on how understanding of lust can help you to cultivate the...

Jan 30, 2020

Life is uncertain and unpredictable. To let your light shine, you must live your truth unapologetically. Finding your true voice is an important aspect in living your highest truth. The key is to fully realize that you are neither inferior or superior. You are you. Drop all comparisons and give yourself the gift of...

Jan 23, 2020

True tantra accepts everything in you - anger, greed, joy, desires, ego, lust - and channels it all into a higher unknown awareness.

A true tantra practitioner won't see life as right or wrong, good or bad. But she would rather witness it all as a part of this mystic creation. We complicate life by trying to repair it...

Jan 16, 2020

How to cultivate freedom in relationships? Is too much of freedom bad thing?

Why do we look for love in the wrong place?

Do you experience jealousy and possessiveness in your relationships?

If you are curious about any of the above mentioned questions, this episode is for you.

Chandresh goes deeper into sharing...